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Prairie Pediatrics

After Hours Care


Please call 911 immediately for all emergencies

For all other issues, start here:

online interactive symptom checker

The symptom checker will instruct you which course of action to follow based on your child's specific symptoms.

After identifying your child's symptom, click the "When to Call" tab for advice on what to do based on the symptom severity. One of the following actions will be recommended:

  • Go to ER -- Please seek care at your closest ER.  We suggest a facility with dedicated pediatric ER physicians such as Children’s Hospital Colorado.

  • Call Doctor or Seek Care Now -- Please call us at 720-734-8816 and Press 3 for Urgent and your call will go directly to the doctor on call.  Depending on the care provided, it may be upgraded to a telehealth visit and normal copay and insurance rates will be applied.  

  • Contact Doctor within 24 hours or during office hours - Please call us at 720-734-8816 and Press 2 to leave a non-urgent message, or text us via Spruce.  Either way, we'll follow up with you the next business day. 

You can text us with the Spruce app 24x7 for non-urgent issues, questions, scheduling, refills, forms, etc. and get a response the next business day.

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